Association Culturelle des sanctuaires de Saint-Irénée et Saint-Just
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St Irénée
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St Irenaeus-St Just
Description and purpose of the Association

The « Association Culturelle » was founded in January 1995 ; its members aim at promoting St. Just’s and St.Irénée’s churches, both National Heritage Monuments, the Calvary of Lyon at the back of St.Irénée’s church, which is soon to become a National Heritage Monument, and generally the Saint-Just-Saint-Irénée area which is part of the World Heritage Site created in 1998. 

The Association’s management is composed of a Chairman (François Lagnau), a Vice-Chairman-cum-Treasurer (Bruno Beth) and a Secretary (Christian Razoux). 
To achieve the Association’s aim, its members welcome visitors and pilgrims all through the year, showing them around St.Irénée’s crypt and, occasionally, upper church. The crypt is open to the public every Saturday afternoon from 14.30 to 17. (14.30 to 16.30 from November 15th to January 31st). Guided visits are possible on weekdays by appointment

The Association also organizes guided visits of St.Just’s church on European Heritage days in September and on the 4th Saturday of the months of October and November, March, April, May, June, July and August. Guided visits are possible on weekdays by appointment. 

Entrance to those places of worship is free of charge, but a small fee will be asked to help meet the costs. 

In addition to those visits, the Association is culturally active through its publications (special numbers of its semiannual Bulletin also devoted to local history) ; it also collaborates with the local organizations in order to promote, preserve and rehabilitate this heritage (with special reference to the Calvary of Lyon) and it works hand in hand with the parish and the association « Orgues et musique à Saint-Irénée-Saint-Just ».